Larry Scroggs Graphics, Page 5

Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Quang Tri Province
Vietnam, 1967

Submitted by: Larry Scroggs

Plow2.jpg (24179 bytes)
Oh no !!! Two of the evil bovine ones. (Big Grin)
pontoon.jpg (23888 bytes)
Another shot of the pontoon bridge with the
marketplace, Lai Phuoc, to the upper right.

Riv2.jpg (18946 bytes)
The river somewhere near Phuoc My.
sawyer.jpg (22121 bytes)
This is James Lee Sawyer, the one we called War Lover.

ScroggsandDoc.jpg (26957 bytes)
This is Corpsman Malcomb Hall and me. We were waiting for the general to come award Purple Hearts, which is why we are so clean. I just dug out my award orders and they are dated June 19 from 3rd Marine Division and July 14 from 4th CAG. Tim this means that the attack that we were discussing had to have occurred in late May or early June of 1967.

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