Larry Scroggs Graphics, Page 6

Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Quang Tri Province
Vietnam, 1967

Submitted by: Larry Scroggs

Shop2.jpg (20279 bytes)
Does this shop look familiar to anyone?
shower-scroggs.jpg (18021 bytes)
Queing up for a "hot one"! Musta been "that time of the month!":

Left: Martin E. Ray
Right: Richard Perez

shower2.jpg (24895 bytes)
The "crapper" on the right; the shower on the left.
Tell me we didn't have the finest facilities the Corps had to offer!
River2-scroggs.jpg (10534 bytes)
You gotta admit, that was a beautiful country! Makes it rather
difficult to remember that there was a war going on there.

I've lost the IDs on this graphic. Can anyone help?


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