CAC 3-1


Submitted by: Sandy "Doc" Taylor

I hope this comes though OK I scanned it several times and this is the best I could do with the paper turning brown. The Red mark on the right is where my mother had marked the information about "Doc".

Jeffery Fink is the Marine.

My mother saved this paper. We had a rather unique situation at Tuy Loan in that they had an established clinic there long before we came along, and the Vietnamese came to that clinic in droves.

I assisted in many deliveries and saw more of everything you can possibly name. In this picture these folks just happened to be there when this child was brought in with what must have been an airway obstruction. Thank God it somehow cleared and the child did all right.

Larry Murphy and "Doc" Taylor (without the shirt) Smoking and soaking up the sun. Larry was the Mechanic of the group. He could get anything to run. I got this vehicle that looked like a pile of junk. He got it to run, and after we got it going really good, the Vietnamese came and wanted it back.

Jeffrey Fink w/M-14

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