Sandy "Doc" Taylor
Update, 2001

DI Taylor "Old Doc" and DI Son



Not sure if you will remember, but I have sent you pictures of CAC 3-1, Tuy Loan, in the past.

I would like to add to the site the most current picture and information about my son, Drill Instructor Sgt. Robert Taylor.

In his fairly brief but successful career, he has become a Drill Instructor at Parris Island. Can you believe that. Proud of him we are.

Thanks for all the work you do in keeping up with all the requests and information you provide. It is a wonderful link to help all of us come together.

Thanks again,
"Doc" Sandy Taylor


Attached is a picture of me now with my son who in the picture is a LCPL now a CPL up for SGT. Also one of me as a 19 year old in Tuy-Loan next to the Aid Station that I worked out of.

Sandy "Doc" Taylor


It's always encouraging to see a father who recognizes the error of his youth and brings his son up to be a Marine (OOOOORAH!).


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