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Submitted by: Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

NOTE: after leaving CAC Papa 2 with a minor wound in my ankle, I spent the last few months of my tour working supply out of 3rd CAG HQ in Phu Bai. I carried my camera with me and took random pictures of the Alpha and Hotel TAORs.

I think this was taken south of Phu Bai, perhaps close to Hotel 6 or 7.

I don't know what "ville" this was. I'm pretty sure it was south of Phu Bai.

One of the "Hotel" CACs...I think. If memory serves me correctly, it was just north of the first pass south of Phu Bai. I notice I didn't have my boot on, so my foot was still infected from the shrapnel when this was taken, so it would probably have been July or August, 1967. I'm sure someone will recognize the view from the edge of their village.

I believe this, also, was taken near Hotel 6. Perhaps at the corner of Highway 1 as we turned right into Hotel 6.......maybe?.

South of Phu Bai. I have no idea what Village this was. Probably not enough picture for anyone to ID it. Something tells me we were heading north, back to Phu Bai, and this was looking back into the 'ville.

I took this pix in early September, 1967, I believe shortly after an election. We'd heard that the VC had attacked and killed several villagers who were meeting in the church in the center. It was election time, as I remember it.

Was this temple on the north side of Loc Bon? I saw this temple again in 1996. It is now a rundown mess. It was the only thing I recognized all the way from Da Nang to Phuoc My. I have a better pix of it, with some schoolgirls leaving, as soon as I find the rest of my slides.

Marines watching the ammo dump burn in Phu Bai, mid-summer, 1967. Was anyone else in Phu Bai at the time of the fire.

More of the Phu Bai ammo dump fire. Just after I snapped this pix, the impact lifted me off the back of the 6X and dumped me on my posterior!


I was there on the perimeter between the ammo dump and the Arvin 105 battery near highway 1.

On the night the ammo dump blew up, one of the Arvin 105 guns fired a fire mission in front of my position.

The very next round fired by the Arvin gun went directly over my head and impacted into the ammo dump.

The dump began burning and exploding. Several of our above ground bunkers were destroyed and others badly damaged. We got everyone out with no serious injuries, and reset the perimeter. The WP and the 155 powder canisters were probably some of the worst explosions. I remember the powder bags from those metal canisters were everywhere.

The metal canisters were launching, like rockets, from their pallets.

We were dodging the canisters and trying to clear the men from the perimeter bunkers, closest to the dump. I remember that marines in one of the bunkers nearest the fire actually moved sand bags, from the front of the bunker to the rear doorway, to give them some protection from the heat and flames. The sand bags, on the bunker, actually caught on fire from the heat.

I reported this information up through my chain of command, but to my knowledge, nothing was ever done.

To this day I believe that the Arvin 105 battery blew up the Phu Bai ammo dump, either intentionally or by a misdirected fire mission.

Dennis ”Mac” McCallister
Sgt. 67-68 Phu Bai

More of the Phu Bai ammo dump fire. Never did find out if the VC set it or not.

I'm not sure where this was taken. Somewhere south of Phu Bai, I think.

On top of one of the passes south of Phu Bai.

Same as above.

Anyone recognize this scene?

Or this one?

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