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3rd. CAG

Submitted by: Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

While on radio watch in Phu Bai, mid-summer of 67, I monitored a CAP unit south of Phu Bai that engaged an ambush one night. The next morning, while running supply, we saw this body cart. I think it was Loc Bon, or one of the first villages south of Phu Bai. Does anyone recognize this Marine?

Another shot of the body cart.... with, perhaps, more detail of the village.

Loc Bon? I've never been sure, but I think this was Loc Bon. The temple in the background, and in the next pix, was the only "landmark" I recognized in my trip from Da Nang to Phuoc My (Papa 2) in 1996. It was totally destroyed at that time.

More of the temple in Loc Bon.....class is letting out.

I have no idea where this pix was taken. It also may be backwards. Perhaps it is a view from the north side of the bridge in Loc Bon. Can anyone ID it?

A bunker on Highway 1 somewhere south of Phu Bai.

Unknown Village south of Phu Bai.

I believe this pix was taken at the same ville as the pix to the left. This PF saw me taking pictures, and he asked if I would take one of him.

This is the same ville, looking away from the water and up into the village. I believe the CAP Unit was just beyond the tree, near the crest of the hill.

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