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Papa 3

Submitted by: Tom Elliott

October 30, 2005


My name is Tom Elliott; I served in CAC Papa in the Dang Ha area from May through October of 1967. I learned about your web site from Tom Willey who served at CAC Papa 3 during the same time period. Tom and I served together as part of the Second Platoon Lima Company 3rd Battalion 26th Marines (AKA the Filthy Few) prior to our being transferred to CAC.

Early in May of 1967 troops from the 3rd Battalion were transferred to other outfits so the entire Battalion would not rotate home at the same time. Tom Elliott, Mike O'Grady, Gary Toller, Ernie Hoffman and Al Drotar were transferred to CAC and went to training in Phu Bai. Attached is a picture of us waiting for transport to CAC Papa in Dong Ha on May 10, 1967 after finishing our training.

When we arrive in Dong Ha I was assigned to CAC Papa 2. In a last minute change, I can not remember if we new why, Terrance Klaric was sent in my place along with Al Drotar. The next night May 11, 1967 the VC hit Papa 2 and Klaric was killed and a number of other Marines were wounded.

I was than assigned as the re-supply NCO and started making supply runs everyday from Dong Ha to the CAC Villages. A Couple of days later CAC Papa 3 was hit. I continued to run supplies to the Villages until I was re assigned to CAC Papa headquarters at Cam Lo as the radio operator. Attached are some pictures of Papa Headquarters in Cam Lo. It includes a picture of the Gunny. His name was Kalini (not sure of the spelling).

On August 14, 1967 CAC Papa 3 was hit again and Tom Willey was wounded and Mark Black was killed. The attack came early in the AM and four of us including the LT drove from the Cam Lo Headquarters to assist along with call in help from the near by camp. When we arrive we helped run the VC out the back of the Village and assisted the wounded. Attached are some pictures of Papa 3 after the attack.

I also remember Papa 3 getting flooded out later on.

In September Al Drotar was wounded while on patrol outside Papa 2. Attached is a picture of Al with Ernie Hoffman. In other pictures on your site from Larry Scruggs (page 6 last picture) Larry asks for names. The Marine on the left is Ernie Hoffman.

Tim thanks for keeping up the CAP Vet web site up and running.

Tom Elliott
Sgt. U.S. Marines
Semper Fi

CAC Papa Headquarters, Cam Lo
September 8, 1967 (my 22th birthday)
Left side of table: Me (Tom Elliott) Dicky, Gunny Kalini, LT.
Right Side: Bob, Shaf, Franze, Capt.
Doc took the picture
May 10, 1967

Completed CAC Training in Phu Bai, waiting for plane to Dong Ha. Mike O'Grady, Al Drotar, Gary Toller, Ernie Hoffman, Tom Elliott, Terrance Klaric. When we arrived in Dong Ha, Tom Elliott was assigned to CAP Papa 2. In a last minute change Terrance Klaric was sent in his place, along with Al Drotar. That night May 11, 1967, the VC over ran CAC Papa 2 and Terrance was killed.

Gunny Kalini at CAC
Papa headquarters Cam Lo

Tom Elliott manning radio
At Papa Headquarters Cam Lo

Back of Cam Lo CAC Papa Headquarters

CAC Doc with kids in the
Village. I can not remember names

CAC Papa 3 morning after August 14, 1967,
attack on the compound. This was the kitchen hut.
During this attack Tom Willey was
wounded and Mark Black was killed

More damage to sleeping quarters
CAC Papa 3, August 14, 1967

Tom Elliott at CAP Papa
Headquarters, Cam Lo, September 8, 1967

Al Drotar wounded on patrol outside
CAC Papa 2, September 1967. With Ernie Hoffman

Damage to generators and buildings
from rocket attack on Dong Ha base, May 18, 1967

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