2nd. CAG Sick Bay

2nd. CAG HQ
Sick Bay

Submitted by: Mike Rinell

Attached to this email are 2 pictures taken in front of sick bay at 2nd CAG headquarters in Hoi An in the late summer of 1969. The 3 corpsman, from left to right, are HMC (don't remember his name), HM1 Michael Rinell and HM2 David Michael. In front is the nurse we called Sam.

The HMC relieved me as senior corpsman of the CAG.

September 8, 2004:

Just found your web site yesterday and was delighted. I was the "don't remember his name" HMC. My name is Tom Williams. Was with III MAF, 2nd CAG in Hoi An and CAP Headquarters in Danang, August 1969 to August 1970. I would be interested in any personal information you may want to share.

Best regards,
Tom Williams
Pocatello, Idaho

Nurse Tran Thi But...hired from
the MILPHAP hospital in Hoi An.

On the beach in Da Nang with 2nd. CAG.

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