Larry Scroggs Graphics, Page 3

Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Quang Tri Province
Vietnam, 1967

Submitted by: Larry Scroggs

Hootch2.jpg (26459 bytes)
Me (Larry Scroggs) on patrol. Notice how in some photos we are wearing full Robo Cop uniform, helmet and flak jacket. In others we are wearing soft caps and utility or t-shirts. I don't remember why.
Hwy12.jpg (11842 bytes)
On patrol on Hwy 1. Looks like we are heading north toward the ville

hwy1patrol.jpg (24134 bytes)
This was taken from inside the compound facing Highway 1. The patrol is moving north toward the river.
Id-scroggs.jpg (19592 bytes)
This is one of the small photos that is on heavy paper. I believe it was developed in RVN. Calhoun is in the back (white tee-shirt), Kevin McKenna is in the foreground. That looks like Bryan Newton in the background with his forehead obscured by the log.

lister bag.jpg (33409 bytes)
Personal hygiene at the Lister bag with Corpsman "Doc" Gommel.

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