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Submitted by: Phil Scholle


I've attached two pictures of CAP 2-7-4. The one in front of the armory is left to right:

    "Snuffy" Smith from Wyoming, Pete from Michigan, Jack Rhodes from Illinois, Charlie from Texas, and Doc from New York. I don't know their full names.  We took this picture at 2/7 company headquarters shortly after I joined the company. So it was probably taken in Oct 69.
2-7-4.jpg (37549 bytes)

2-7-40.jpg (40198 bytes) The second picture is Jack Rhodes and me, I'm on the right, this was taken 11/10/69. Please let me know if they come through all right, I have a few more of 2-7-4 and some from 2-7-3 I'd like to send for your page if you want them. Let me know.

Phil Scholle

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