Bronze Star: John Saucier

Bronze Star
John Saucier
CAP 1-2-3

Submitted by: Scott Kruse

I received the following "Bronze Star" citation from Scott Kruze.

Thanks, Scott.

I just spent a couple days with John Saucier in Louisana (CAP 1-2-3).We were very good friends in VN and because of some recent luck and , in part, your web site we re-connected. You probably hear things like this all the time, but your site is really outstanding and I wanted to thank you for providing it.

Incidently, I wasn't aware until this past weekend that John was awarded the Bronze Star while he was with 1-2-3. I've enclosed a copy of it...Thought maybe you could hang it in the Personal History link. Anyways, thanks again.

Scott Kruse

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