Submitted by: Greg Roscoe

Subject: Unit & Roster update
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:21:32 -0800
To: Tim Duffie


Your roster is looking good. Thanks for the updates. Nice job!

Here are two Marines and a corpsman listed in the roster as units unknown.

Here are some Marines missing from the roster with the year they joined their CAC unit and transferring outfit. CAC 3-1, established 1Mar66 with Marines from Hotel 2/3 as CAC 1. Changed to CAC 3-1 when Marines from 3/3 relieved Hotel 2/3. Located in the village of Tuy Loan where the new Hwy One turns South East of the Tuy Loan and Yen rivers intersection, just East of Bo Ban @  site of the first rocket attack on Da Nang. Hwy One initially went thru the ville:

Last names only:

CAC 3-2:

CAC 3-3:

Bravo 4: Highway One on the NE corner of "Four Corners", between hills 22 and 41 just east of La Chad 4 & 5. Site of later rocket attack on Da Nang.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these Marines it would be appreciated. Some have moved, others have never been found.

Please pass on that Jim Spearence has Alheimers and is in Plymouth Gardens rest home in Rochester, New York. Anyone that has a chance to see him would be appreciated.

If you agree to add the year and previous units that the CAC Marines came from, I'll send you an update on the Marines currently listed. I know when I meet a new Marine buddy the conversation starts out with where were you at and when. I think this additional information will help all concerned. You might run it by the other guys.

Here is info that I hope you post on the roster or at least pass along.

The original unit designations and what they were changed to in the Hieu Duc District.

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