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Submitted by: Ron Heath

This could be one of our most interesting challenges: What CAP Unit was this?

To: Tim Duffie
From: Ron Heath
Subject: Cap unit member


I am currently preparing to launch a web site dedicated to Kilo 3/5.  We had a member who transferred to a Cap unit.  His last name was Barker.  I don't know his first name. Do you have anything in your archives that would help me??  Also, another friend was in CAP 1-2-3. His name is Ken Muchemore.  I sent him an email with a link to your site.
Also, in Jan 1968, Kilo 3/5 3rd platoon was sent to reinforce a CAP unit for 2-3 weeks. Would you have a more definitive map of the area near Than Quit (Spelling is close). I would like to know which unit that was. 
Just after the Tet offensive began in '68, we swept through a former CAP unit about 10? miles south of Da Nang.  The name Delta 4 pops into my memory.  Was there a cap unit in the area between the 3/5 TAOR and Da Nang that was overrun completely during the first nite of the Tet attacks. I was in there about 2 days later and picked up some black and white 35mm negatives of the place. One set was still in its plastic wrap (it was processed locally in the ville) and the other was in the mud. If you could put the word out, that would be great.  I'd sure like to know who was in those pictures.  If you would like, I can scan them and email them to you. Someone mentioned when we occupied the place that there was an Army unit there too.  Does this make sense to you?

Thanks much and Semper Fi


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