The Dog Handler Reunion

CAP 2-4-3

Greg Lutes, John Taft & Dick Clark
Meet At The Dog Handlers Reunion
San Diego, CA., November, 1998


Greg lutes may have sent you some pictures by now, but I thought I would send these and say thanks. Without your site, these three guys would never have met. It has been 28 years since any of us had seen each other, but here we are at the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association reunion.

That is Greg Lutes on the left, John Taft in the middle and me, Dick Clark on the right.
Sandieg2.jpg (36053 bytes)

The other is of Greg and his lady Terri on the left, John and his wife Linda in the middle and Me on the right.
Sandiego.jpg (29099 bytes)

Just thought you may like to see what these guys look like. E-mail all looks the same.

Dick Clark

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