Papa 3-1


Submitted by: Tom Flynn & Ed Palm

These graphics were submitted by Ed Palm, Papa 3, 1967.

Starting The New, Post-Flood Compound. The compound was located on the high ground to the South of Highway 9. The new compound did overlook the old compound and the 'ville, but it was about 500 yards away. (This photo, as I recall, looks East, toward Dong Ha. The Marine, I believe, was named "Dawson" and was from Detroit, along with "Sarge" -- whose name I cannot recall. Dawson was our assistant compound leader.)

Impromptu Pool Party. As I recall, these are members of the grunt platoon that was reinforcing us at the time, not Papa 3 Marines.

Water, Water Everywhere, Fall, 1967.

Orphans Of The Storm. As I recall these are not Papa 3 Marines, but members of a grunt platoon sent to reinforce Papa 3 the night before the flood. Our headquarters had somehow gotten word that Papa 3 was about to be hit again. Our only attack that night came in the form of the flood. But it was a "VC" flood!

Cam Lo River. The Cam Lo River joins Papa 3 compound, creating "Marine Water World".

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