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Submitted by: Phil Isaacs

Looking at CAP sites on your pages, I figure my CAP was 2-4-1. CAP 2-4-3 has a picture looking east from their site, and from this map, I remember that area.

Col. Day, Maj. Burke and Capt. Cronan. The Capt. being the 2-4 C.O.

My CAP is at 182589. We had a village inside out wire. In the picture, if you look careful you can see a small hole in my right shoulder. That happened when I was with India 3/7. Capt. Chuck Robb was my CO a short time. Cpl. Reynolds is the other Marine. He was my mortarman. He used his cartrdge belt to hold the firing on our wire. On the bad days of course.

Other names I remember are: Sgt. Onan, Cpl. Owens (KIA), Doc. Carmon, Fortner, Stone, Waymire. Just look at the picture between me and Reynolds. If that could be blown up I would have all their names. I think a Sgt.Paul was in 2-4-3 when I was there. And the Stars and Stripes did a story on Cpl. Owens after he was killed. About March or Apr. 68.

Doc Carmon was KIA also. All the pictures I have...he took them. His wife gave me all his pictures, and she wrote me for about 7 yrs. after he died.

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