2nd. CAG Radio Operators

2nd. CAG
Radio Operators

Submitted by: Mike Doyon

CAPVet, It was suggested that I send you this picture----for no one can remember the names of this group of marines--- radio Operators at 2nd Cag Hdqtrs Hoi.

And maybe you can put it on one of our web pages.

Mike Doyon

"....the guy in the front right was an E-5, first name Steve. Can't remember the other names"

Bill Randall, CACO 2-8.

April 19, 2003:

Looking thru CAP Web Site and saw article submitted by Mike Doyon (HQ, 2nd CAG) with a photo of several Marines on top of a bunker titled: Radio Operators.

I am the one in the middle in the white t - shirt and glasses.

Also, can you send me Brother Doyon's E-Mail address???

Thanks...and SF.
Mike Joy

Did Steve Clark contact you to let you know he is the one in the lower right hand corner of the picture?

Juneith Clark


Right: Steve Clark today

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