CAP 4-3-4, "Doc" Murse #2


Submitted by: "Doc" Murse

CAP 4-3-4 CAP 4-3-4, taken around October or November 1969

Cap website,

I was looking on, murse-2htm, and found my picture with 4-3-4, taken around November 1969. I am the far left soldier on the top row, holding a book. It has just brought back a lot of memories and I was very surprised to see my picture on the Internet.

Thank you,
Joseph Chasteen

This was the building we helped to reconstruct. The villagers called it the Bo Chi Hue headquarters) This was taken when it was time for the villagers to vote. Remember, 3 or 4 hamlets made up one village, so most of our Area of Operation included one or more villages. nam16.jpg (37205 bytes)

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