CAP 4-1-1, 4-1-3
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4-1-1 & 4-1-3

Submitted by: George "Doc" McGuire

Photo 1 is me, Doc McGuire, on May 5, 1970.

Photo 2 is Gary Salo from Ishpeming, Michigan

Photo 3 is a group photo of 4-1-3 May 1970. Left to Right front: Gary Salo (machine gunner), Bryce Romo, Gary Taylor (I think), CAP Commander Sgt. Roderic Taylor from Virginia. Back row: Robert Connely (machine gunner), me Doc George McGuire, Cpl. Pat Stott from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Gary Nichols (our third machine gunner).

Photo 4 is the hot card game. I'm on the right with my hands in the air, probably got caught cheating and dropped the cards. I think the man on the left with the hat is Ken Gowen but am not sure. This was in CAP 4-1-1 in November, 1969, in the village of Nhu Le.

Photo 5 holding the ace of spades is Cpl Pat Stott, November, 1969

Photo 6 is Robert Connely machine gunner

Photo 7 is CAP Commander Sgt Roderic Taylor, Virginia

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