CAC 3, 1965, Mike Majesky


Submitted by: Mike Majesky

From: Michael Majesky
Subject: CAC Info
Date: 08 Sep 99 19:24:45-0600


My name is Mike Majesky and I have some information to pass along about a Combined Action Company location.

In January, 1966, I was assigned to Fox 2-1 at Phu Bai. In February, 1966, we all went for a little walk in the paddies (Operation New York). When it was over the few from Fox who were left were transferred to other commands.

Myself and some others went about 3 miles south of Phu Bai to a village called Ap Phu Bai and joined a unit called (at that time) CAC III. I still have an old tactical map and some photographs showing the area, our first hooch and other assorted goodies.

Thanks for the great site and all the information really brings the memories back. If you would like to check out any of the pictures or the map, I do have a scanner and can email it.

Be seeing you.
Semper Fi

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