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Papa 2/4

Submitted by: Kevin Macdonald

hangingout.jpg (27385 bytes) Kevin Macdonald "hanging out" with PFs Chien (facing camera) and Dien (back to camera).

Kevin Macdonald Kneeling with M-60 "Beaucoup Bacsi" / Roger (Lou) Armstrong / Bill McKenna / Unknown / Jeff Calhoun group-1.jpg (23692 bytes)

Brian S. Newton (front, Rochester, NY) and Jeff Calhoun.

Kit Carson training with an unknown Papa 2 Marine.

This was my favorite little girl in the village. She did laundry, her father made jackets from ponchos and silk. She was always caring for the baby in the family.

Kevin Macdonald with some of the village girls, May, 1967

The little girl on the right was known as "Little Hue", so named because of an older girl named Hue who was, obviously enough, "Big Hue". On the opening page of the CAP Web Site, I have posted a picture of me holding "Little Hue" in the marketplace in Lai Phuoc. "Big Hue" was the subject of my story, I Keep It In My Heart And Wait For You, also linked on the opening page of the Web Site

Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

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