Michael Letson, Alpha 3

Alpha 3

Submitted by: Michael Letson


I am sending this picture file on behalf of my brother, Michael Letson, who is currently trying to get a new system up and operational. Mike was in Vietnam from 11-65 to 1-67 and joined CAC/CAP4 (ALPHA3) in March 1966 in ville of Loc Bon.

Dave Church was Corpsman at that time in Loc Bon and rotated in April 1966.

This picture was taken in or around Loc Bon in September 1966. The Marine on the left with the Thompson is Aurelio 'Speedy' Gonzalez. The next one over is PF known as 'Little Phuoc.' The next Marine is Greg Boggs and the Marine on the right is my brother Mike Letson.

Dan Letson

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