VFW Article, 1995, Page 2

VFW Article
February, 1995

Submitted by: Col. Ole Jessen Klixbull

This article was submitted by Col. Ole Jessen Klixbull. Col. Klixbull was the CAP Commander for the subject unit for "CAC" article we've posted at: "CAC" He is currently a Colonel in the US Army Reserves.

Thanks, Col. Klixbull!

From Rick Franz, CAP 2-2-3

The picture that is included in that article is of CAP 2-2-3, dated February or March of 1971...includes some of the following members: myself, Eric Webb, Kevin Keenoy, Richard Ellsworth, Lucky Stallman, Dustin Hoffman, Les Neach, and "Doc" Wilson.

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