Looking For Ron Williams

Looking For Ron Williams

Submitted by: Jerry Brown


My name is Jerry Brown, and I served in CAPs 3-5-2 & 3-5-3 until WIA on July 12, 1970.  I do not have any lasting physical effects of Viet Nam, but lately I have begun to realize what a profound psychological impact that place has made on my life.

No one has truly saved my life since Viet Nam.  But for a fellow Marine named Ron Williams from the state of Washington, I would have died in that grave yard ambush site in 1970.  That would have meant no wife, no three wonderful kids, no career, no life.  I am terribly ashamed that I don't even know if that boy who saved my life, at great risk to his own, is even still alive himself.  I wonder what kind of life he has had. Does he still think of me as often as I think of him? Can he possibly know how grateful I am to him?  I'm sure he doesn't.

Thanks for taking the time to create the CAP page. You're making the effort we should all make.

Jerry Brown

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