Rick Jergensen, KIA

Rick Jergensen, KIA

Submitted by: Sandy Wardlaw


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Hi Tim,

I hope you had a happy and full Thanksgiving. I know that I did.

When Rick Jergenson was killed part of the paperwork his parents received were documents from the Vietnamese government. They gave me a copy of a roster of marines killed around the same time as Rick. (Although I'm sure it's not all inclusive).

I managed to put two of the names together that were on separate sheets but can't seem to figure out how to put both rosters on one page. Maybe you can do it. I'm sure you can. Anyway perhaps we can identify some of these guys as CAP marines. I know already that Hopson, Perseley, and Jergenson were in CAP's. I still think Hopson was killed with the other four men of CapHai on June 1st but I can't prove it. Maybe some one can help with other identification.

Thanks for all you do, Tim!!

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