CAP India 2 Graphics 5

India 2

Submitted by: Jim Chaffee
Descriptions by John Gillespie.

Making Bricks. A villager making bricks in Tam Ky, Vietnam.
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PF. A Popular Force troop on the the left posing for the camera. Civilian on the right is "Tug" (don't know the correct spelling of his name). Tug was influential in the area. I think he was connected to the District Chief or some other higher up because he didn't have to serve in the military, but he did carry a rifle. He spent most nights in our compound when he was ot in Tam Ky. Tug also ran the little cafe and bar in front of India.
Tam Ky
Dave McGlochlin
India. Best picture I have ever seen of India. Taken looking south from the edge of Tam Ky.

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