CAP India 2 Graphics 1

India 2

Submitted by: Jim Chaffee
Descriptions by John Gillespie.

The following eight (8) pages of graphics were part of the effects of Navy Corpsman Dave McGlochlin (CAP 1-1-2). Dave received a posthumous Bronze Start, featured elsewhere on the CAP Web Site.

The pictures were made available to the CAP Web Site by Dave's parents through Corpsman Jim Chaffee. The descriptions were provided by John Gillespie. John was not with CAP India 2 at the same time as Dave, so he was not able to identify all those in the pictures.


I was reviewing the pictures you received from Jim that I made comments on, the ones I recognized from my time in India CAP's. Somehow, when you put this material together you got the impression that the pictures were of India 2 (1-1-2) and labeled them as such. In fact, all of the pictures showing a compound, barbed wire, bunkers, etc., were taken from the main India compound next to the river southwest of Tam Ky. Cap 1-1-2, which was India 2 prior to the unit designation change in January 1968, was on hill 38 just east of the main compound. A couple of the pictures show hill 38 but you can't see bunkers on top. I mentioned hill 38 in my commentary of these shots.

John Gillespie

Subject: History India/Tam Ky river

Photos of CAP India - submitted by Gillespie - taken by McGlochin - should be Ky Bick, not Tam Ky. Please advise -

Bud Apple -
Platoon Sargent, 67-68, when Dave was there -

Perimeter Bunker

Shot of perimeter bunker (on left) and bunker (hootches) at India, southwest of Tam Ky . The bunker is the one on the highest part of the hill (I think) facing the river. It was in front of this bunker that we would walk down, go through the wire, and bathe in the river.

Choppers @ India 2. Helicopters flying over India.
River @ India 2. The river at India looking due west. India was on a bend in the river. It flows southwest from Tam Ky and turns to the west at this point.
Inside Hootch. Inside a hootch looking out. Obviously Corpsman's hootch. Medicine bottles visible on the shelf.
C-Rations. C-Rations and C-4 on sandbags.

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