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Submitted by Dale Glasscock

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Here are some pictures of 4th Cag Marines. The first picture is of us having hot chow in the rear somewhere, and I am the one with the tight fitting cover. The picture of the solitary Marine is/was of the Actual at the time. By the time we were ready to move for our day or night pause he would need the help of two marines to get off the ground with his rucksack completly loaded with gear as would we all. The picture of the one holding the beer and the other a plate of food are 4-1-2 marines. The picture of the four marines sitting with the actual is at a day pause, notice the carrying case for the starlight scope in the background. The picture of the marines around the fire is at a day pause, the actual is on the left. The story about the Bacsi of 4-1-3 that Roch sent you? The doc that the story is about is in the first picture. He and the actual had been transferred from 4-1-3 to 4-1-2. Enjoy, and feel free to post these on the website. Thanks, and Semper Fi!


Another picture of a couple marines and a PF from either 4-1-2 or 4-1-3. The marine on the left will be contacting you shortly. I think he served at 3rd CAG also, but am not sure. Semper Fi Dale Glasscock-Bryce-6

Glasscock: CAP School Tim,

This is my hometown newspaper clipping. I have more pictures now of CAP 4-1-2 from my actual, and am waiting on permission to send them to you. The actual located 2 others from 4-1-2. I don't know why they haven't checked in with you yet but I am working on it. I figured if I got the pictures to you they could point themselves out upon getting added to the roster. Thanks Tim. Semper Fi! Dale

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