Gary Fish 1968

Sierra 3

Submitted by: Gary Fish

Gary Fish at the Sierra CAP company headquarters (CAC Compound) the Sierra Combined Action Company compound consisted of a Marine Officer, British Officer and a contingency of Korean Marines.

The CAC call sign was PrimRose, our CAP was PrimRose One (map grid coordinates 185556) and my Marine Fire Team and combined action squad made up of PF's was PrimRose One Bravo. Our Artillery Battery support was know as Tea Time Bravo.
Gary Fish Sierra Combined Action Platoon (CAP) compound after a day Patrol. We cycled assignments, and that day I carried the radio.
Three kids in bunker on cot. I don't recall their names, they worked for me in the Sierra CAP Unit. We are in side our bunker...and they are looking at the photographs I sent you. Our CAP consisted of 14 marines, a contingent of Revolutionary Development Forces (RD's) and Popular Forces (PF)
Guns, grenades, against sandbags. That was our bunker looking north, the M-16 to the right was mine!
Two Marines at rest in tarp-covered sandbagged structure outdoors.

That was our bunker (looking north), don't recall the names of the people. I never slept in the bunker, although we could...I slept in a different place every night.

Dirt pathway with grass huts on left side and stone or wood houses or buildings on the right (Hoi An).
This was looking North into Hoi An from my bunker. The corogated tin had a claymore mine emplacement, with tangle wire (foot traps), pop-up flares, mines and other anti personnel devices. In essence Hoi An was made up of three villages/hamlets. Our compound was located in the first village/hamlet to the south of Hoi An which we considered secure. Hoi An we considered VC suspect, and the third village/hamlet north of Hoi An considered VC. The buidlings to the right consisted of a Vietnamese administrative complex, school and temple. We awoke to a NVA flag from their flag pole in Hoi An.

Pictures 7-12 Consist of various shots of trenches, buildings, bunkers, huts, structures.

The picture overlooking the tarp (N) is looking into Hoi An proper. It is part of the temple/admin complex.
The picture with the partial building with grass roof and bunker with a flag pole is looking east of my bunker. Once you left the eastern portion of the CAP compound, you passed over two sand dunes encountering an old French concrete bunker and then the ocean.

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