Florentino, CAP 1-3-5, Pge. 2


Submitted by: Mike Florentino

Left: C.L. Thomas
Right: M.J. Murray
CAP 1-3-5 Compound
Lyle & Cunningham
Kilo 3-5

It just dawned on me why the picture of Kilo 3/5 was included with the pictures I sent you. Myself and the two marines pictured there went to CAP school together. The one on the right was Rick Rothery. He was killed in a freak accident at CAP school.

The marine on the left is Rich Lindsey. I do not remember which CAP unit he went to, but on a patrol he received 6 gunshot wounds and was sent home. We kept in touch for a short time, but I do not know what happened to him.

I am always hoping I will see his name on a website someday.

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