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Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Trieu Ai Village
Quang Tri Province

Submitted by: Tim "CAPVet" Duffie

This appeared in my hometown newspaper, the Twin Valley News, announcing my assignment to the CAC program, March, 1967.

Some of the damage infliced to our hooches during the 12May67 attack.

myhooch.jpg (22157 bytes)

hasinam.jpg (23165 bytes) During the 12May67 attack, Ha Si Nam (center) tossed Ray Borowski into a bunker then fell onto a satchel charge.

I can't remember the names of the other PFs.

Truong Si Buong, PF Squad leader.

me with a radioman's "tools of the trade" at the communications bunker at Papa 2/4, 1967

me with Brian S. Newton, Rochester, NY, CAP Papa 2/4, 1967

me with my faithful M-14, 1967

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