Dishonor Us Not

Dishonor Us Not

Submitted by: Sgt. Jack "Bowie Perritt
CAP 3-2-1, CAP 3-3-2

Dishonor us not, we who walked the
Darkened path - no light to comfort
While tormented by the cruelest thorns
Ever onward marching through bitter

Dishonor us not, we who gave our lives
No bugle sounded our sweet return
Oh, how the youthful passions burned
As shattered hearts did endure all the
Wretched lies.

Dishonor us not nor longer ask the
Questions why? Just remember in
Reverent silence that here we lie
Beneath soft grasses and burning

Sgt. Jack "Bowie" Perritt
3rd. CAG
Vietnam, 68-69

This poem was written as a dedication not only to the Marines of the CAP units, but to those families and servicemen who gave a part of their lives in the terrible conflict of the Vietnam War.

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