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Submitted by: Dick Clark

Most Marines from CAP 2-4-3 will remember this kid. Seems strange now but he was taught by Marines to breakdown and clean M-60's. I will attach a picture of him helping Joe Kortz clean his M-60. He kept my brush on a string to clean my M-79 and always kept the bore clean and would clean off that morning rust. The other pic is of me and Tai. By 1970, CAP ba was mobile and we hung out in the village.

I saw the pages you put up of CAP ba when it was a compound. By the time I was there, the bunkers were collapsed, wire rusted and was known to be booby-trapped.

After 1975 he was drafted into the NVA and served 2 years in Kampuchea. Then he became a cop in Danang but was arrested and sent to a re-education camp for a year. He was accused of subversive activity because he spoke kindly of the Marines. Officially, he was prosecuted for graft. He had 3 teeth knocked out in the camp by guards.

Just a few more pictures.

The first is one of our PF's. The only one I have and he wanted me to have it for some reason. Note the lack of a magazine. I have no idea why. I hadn't seen any PF photos on your web site and thought you might like it. We had a few PF's who carried Garands and one with a BAR. Those looked huge on a PF.

The second is from the village of Thanh Taxi looking toward the old compound (east). It was pretty much leveled by then and is located about 200 meters behind me. I wish I had on without me in it and had taken more pictures of the area behind me. It certainly killed enough Marines. I think it was CAP 2-4-1 that this road led to, on the beach.

The third is one of 3 or 4 towers (can't remember for sure), at 2nd CAG HQ. When we first arrived there we became the labor force and the timber sticking out of the roof of the tower was used to hoist the .50 cal. guns up and down for cleaning. We also had to replace ammunition that was used or rusting in the cans. Does anyone remember those idiotic flood lights that were located BEHIND the towers and bunkers? Everyone blamed "Those fucking Seabees," for putting them there. There was a resident group of Seabees living at 2nd CAG and they had the best bunker in the compound, located right behind the chow hall.

Dick Clark

Joe & Tai
Dick & Tai



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