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Delta CACO
Sit Reps

Submitted by: Joe Sylvia, Delta CO

A Typical Week Of CACO Delta Activity

Setting the Stage:  2nd Combined Action Group, Combined Action Company (CACO) Delta consisting of seven (7) Combined Action Platoons (CAPs), operated in their assigned Tactical Area Of Responsibility (TAOR) approximately 20 clicks south of Danang, South Vietnam.  The 1st and 2nd Battalions, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division maintained overall control of the TAOR, CACO Delta was assigned small areas of responsibility in the vacinity of each CAP.  Generally, each CAP was located in close proximity to a Vietnamese village and provided all facets of pacification efforts for its assigned village.

CACO Delta Headquarters element was located in Dien Ban, and occupied a portion of a French Fort compound.  The French Fort actually had a fairly large mote extending around the north section of the compound.  The USMC corner of the compound consisted of three hard back "hooches", a make shift shower with an aircraft wing tank, a "two holer", and a white masonry building where the Company Office had been set up.  Delta also had a fairly large bunker that was used as "Radio Central".

The Dien Ban District Chief Headquarters was located in the compound along with a Popular Force (PF) Company and a small U.S. Army advisor contingent.

During this period of time, CACO Delta was using radio call sign "Motherhood".  Each of the Delta CAPs were also using Motherhood along with their respective CAP designation.  Delta 1 was known as Motherhood 1.  Delta 2 was known as Motherhood 2 and so on.  Delta CACO was referred to as Motherhood 9.  C-47 Aircraft that dropped large flares were called "Basketball" followed by a number designation.. Puff the Magic Dragon was called "Puff" and a number.

Using various radio frequencies, constant radio contact was maintained with 5th Marine Regiment, 1/5, 2/5, 2nd CAG, supporting Aircraft, Artillery, U.S. Army MACV Advisors and anyone else (sometimes NVA and VC would make radio contact) that would appear on the net from time to time.  Delta also had land line (Lima Lima) phone contact with the 5th Marines, 1/5, 2/5, the District Chief, and the Army Advisors.

Each week, CACO Delta was required to forward a written After Action Report covering all activities to 2nd CAG.  The following is the Weekly After Action Report covering the period 12 - 22 December 1967.  During this week, Delta CAPs performed a total of 36 day patrols, 5 night patrols and 64 ambushes.


M1A(Delta 1)     151730H  RF convoy taken under heavy fire from estimated 8 VC. M1 sent reactionary, swept area, found 1 ACS (Sympathizer) hiding in a bunker.

Result 1 VCS captured.

 M5 (Delta 5)     151650H  VN female came into compound claiming she had been raped by 3 USMC. Administered first aid, notified Motherhood.  MedEvac requested from Hoi An.  Motherhood Note: 1/5 Marines S-5 (Civil Affairs) is taking responsibility for the investigation.  To date, investigation results are not known.

M6 (Delta 6)     151845H  While testing .50 Caliber Machine Gun, a round exploded in the chamber.  1 USMC WIA.  Treated by USN 16 (Doc), taken to 1/5 sickbay.  Returned to duty.  Note:  The WIA was the CAP Commander.

M5 (Delta 5)     161245H  Village Chief reported VC stopping boats to collect taxes.  Patrol dispatched and spotted 4 Vietnamese in a boat, Village Chief said they were VC.  Opened fire on the boat, 3 VC fell overboard.  Recovered the boat.

Found 1 VC WIA.  Conducted emergency MedEvac. 

Result 3 VC KIA; 1 VC WIA confirmed.

M2A (Delta 2)     171720H  Spotted 2 VC, opened  fire and prematurely set off VC ambush.  VC force set in consisting of approx 40 men.  Called ARTY, swept area with negative results.  However, civilians say ARTY KIA'd 3 VC. 

Result: 3 VIC KIA probable.

M6 (Delta 6)     172110H  PF on watch saw 2 Vietnamese females walking on the road.  Apprehended and turned over to Hoi An. 

Result 2 VC sympathizers.

M5 (Delta 5)     18030H  "Chieu Hoi" turned himself in to CAP Commander.  Gave up his AK-47 rifle, 3 magazines, 3 ChiCom Frag Grenades, 1 cleaning rod, 1 cartridge belt, and 3 magazine pouches.  "Chieu Hoi" was turned over to Hoi An.

M3 (Delta 3)     180945H  Saw 12 - 15 VC coming out of the treeline.  Took VC under fire with small arms and ARTY. 

Result:  4 VC KIA probable.

M3 (Delta 3)     192000H  VC hit CP.  Returned fire, called ARTY.  Swept area at first light.  Negative results.

M1 (Delta 1)     192030H  VC hit CP. Returned fire, called ARTY.  Swept area at first light.  Negative results.

M2 (Delta 2)     192000H  VC talked to PF and Marines to come to their side using a loud speaker.  Called ARTY.  Silenced speaker.

M2 (Delta 2)     201730H  Man walking on the road was apprehended by PFs.  Had Saigon ID Card.  Took man to Dien Ban for questioning. 

Result: 1 VCS.

Week Totals: 3 VC KIA confirmed
    7 VC KIA probable
    5 VCS detained

    Equipment Captured:

    1 AK-47 Rifle
    3 Magazines
    3 ChiCom Grenades
    1 Cleaning Rod
    1 Cartridge Belt
    3 Magazine Pouches

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