Alhpa 7: Cochran Memorabilia, Page 1


Submitted by: Art Cochran
CAP Alpha 7


I found quite a few things that I have put in the memorabilia category. Leaflets and Pamphlets related to the Chu Hoi Program which was strongly emphasized in our area during late 1967. Maybe someone can interpret what they say....One of these is some kind of small flag that I found inside an urn outside of the MACV Compound in Hue during the summer of 1967.

I also have included a Vietnamese Christmas Card that I received from one of my Vietnamese friends, but I don't know what it says. At one time I could speak and read the language fluently.

Art Cochran
Alpha 7

NOTE: I've posted each of the graphics without any further editorializing. If anyone can provide interpretations, etc., please drop me a note, copy to Art Cochran.

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