Submitted by: Ed Caiado

CAP 2-7-1 Graphic Tim:

The first photo identified as CAP 2-7-10 submitted by Ed Caiado (on your unit histories page), showing a guy "flipping the bird" is actually CAP 2-7-1. That's my best buddy Mike Burns sitting on the ground just behind and left of Mr. Bird-Flipper. Mike went through ITR and machine gun school with me...and saved me from a buxom blond whore named Esmeralda at the Manhatten Bar and Grill in Tiajuana. I was also buddies with Mr. Bird-Flipper, but can't remember his name. He also went through ITR with me and later served with me in the 2nd Bn., 6th Marines at Lejeune.

The photo called "unknown CAP unit", also submitted by Eddie, and listed under your heading of "2nd CAG", is also 2-7-1, circa late 1970, early 1971. Mr. Bird-Flipper and Mike Burns are 4th and 5th from left, backrow. I also knew the Marine squatting, front row, far right....Joe Neilson, I think. I later served with him at CAP 2-7-6.

Al Ryan
2-7-10, 2-7-6
CACO 2-7

Below: "Doc" Coonfield & Stoltz, CAP 2-7-10, August, 1970
Doc CoonfieldMicky Doc Graphic

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