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Submitted By: Jim "Wags" Wagner

Hi Tim

Here is some information about CAP 2-4-1 from Jan through May 1971, when we were disbanded. My name is Jim 'Wags' Wagner and I was the 18 year old radioman for 2-4-1 during that entire time.

The following is a list of the names of most of the guys I served with. Those whose E-mails I know of are already on your E-mail list.

Sgt. Moore (only there for about a week after I got there so I don't know his first name)
Sgt. Buddy King
Cpl. Jim Moore
L/Cpl Pete Karukis, Massachusetts
L/Cpl Cliff Qualls, Texas
L/Cpl Jack Gerou, Michigan
L/Cpl Pat Kerwin, New Orleans, LA,br> L/Cpl Dennis Peto
L/Cpl Larry Brady
PFC Jim Wagner, California
'Doc' Steve Bolden, Indiana
PFC Shale Sherman, Missouri
PFC Larry Faulk
PFC Brad Baum
PFC Hector Rodriguez

Those are all the guys I can remember who went through mobile CAP unit CAP 2-4-1, in the Spring of 1971, which had previously been known as CAP Delta 5 when it had been a stationary CAP Unit.

Our location was a few clicks east of Hoi An with Song Hoi river as the southern edge of our AO and the South China Sea on the eastern boundry. I was the radioman for our team and I still have a list of all the grid coordinates for our various ambush sites and our (3) prearranged medevac locations. I don't have them in front of me but in looking at a map of the area I can tell you our village of Tan Tanh, located in Hieu Nhon District, Quang Nam Province, was located at approximate grid location of 181589. The village itself was predominantly a fishing village.

I also have some other documents I can send to you or get scanned in such as a copy of my CAP School documents, including the CAP School Itinerary, listing all the classes I took during CAP school and the dates of that CAP Class, when it was held at 2nd CAG Hdqtrs in Jan. 71.

Jim "Wags" Wagner

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