Submitted By: Frank Weber


I don't know if you're are interested because you weren't in Vietnam at the same time that I was, but I have a couple of pictures that some of the marines that were there in 1970, 1971 might appreciate. Both were taken from the northeast tower at 2nd Cag headquarters while I was on guard duty (going through CAP college).

As I recall, the sun was coming up and I was so overwhelmed with the beauty, that I had to take some pictures. You can see Highway #1 in both, one is looking north and you can see the adjacent hamlet, the other is looking south and you can also see the main entrance to 2nd CAG. I'm sure that there a number of former marines that send you e-mail and photos and I don't want to waste your time so please let me know if that's what I'm doing.


{CAG North Graphic}

{CAG South Graphic}

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