Submitted by: John Mitchell

CAP 1-4-7-Mitchell-1

Top Row, left to right: Dax, ??, Mitchell.
Bottom Row is Nugent, Jones.

Found an old photo of a CAP unit I was in that was in My Lai, RVN, 1969. Our small unit, as you can see by photo, was made of new guys and myself. This is the second team I had there; the first guys that went there with me didn't last long. Our "radio man" got shot right through neck and died, most others were WIA.

This unit was not like any others. Our purpose was to secure this A.O., take it back from the V.C. who moved in after Lt. Cally went there in 68. We considered 7 marines a full team. Never even had a corpsman there.

Still, for what it was worth, that unit never lost any territory. There were not any villages or people to defend, and only a small RF compound which we never stayed at. It's a long story.

Well, I been looking for a place to put and keep this picture and some of its memories... would you do the honor of adding these guys to your web site? All were good boys and stood their ground. As the years go, I forgot a couple names of the bunch.

Jones, the fellow who took the photo was from Boston, all I know there. Be neat if one day some one finds it here (web site). Thanks for all of your time and work you have put into it. You'll never know till days gone how much it has meant to some of us.

Semper Fi,
John Mitchell

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