May, 1969

Daily Operations Summary 111600H:  - 121600H: May 1969


1. 11180H: CAP 4-3-4 is reported that on 4 occasions during the day, civilians brought ordnance to the CAP at YD 39055O, 5 kkm NE of Quang Tri.  VIP payments were made and the ordnance destroyed. RESULTS: 4 M-70 rounds, 1 1O5mm HE round, 1 M-26 grenade and 1 Chicam grenade.

2. 112215H:  Four rounds of 60mm mortar fire impacted in the vicinity of a hamlet at YD 232633, 2km NW of Dong Ha.  CAP 4-1-4 called an artillery mission on the suspected enemy firing position. A CAP patrol swept the area with negative results. The mortar rounds caused negative
casualties or damage. RESULTS:  Negative.


3.  1113O0H: Vietnamese children brought assorted ordnance to CAP 3-3-2 at TD 822248, 5 km E of Hue. An EOD Team destroyed the ordnance and payment was made.  RESULTS: 2 M-72s, 1 Claymore, 1 155mm, 4 105mm, 4 90mmm, and 60mm HE, and 69 4Omm HE rounds.

4. 111900H: An elderly Vietnamese civilian brought 1 Claymore to CAP 3-1-9 at YD 807246, 3 km E of Hue. A VIP payment was made. RESULTS: 1 Claymore.

5. 111500H: A patrol from CAP 2-4-2 found and destroyed a daisy chain booby trap consisting of  1 M79 round and 3 60mm rounds at BT 132554, 2 km SW of Hoi An. ordnance was blown in place. RESULTS: 1 40mm and 3 60mm HE reounds destroyed.

6. 111630H: Two 60mm HE reounds were turned in to CAP 2-4-5 at BT 164571, 1.5 km E. of Hoi An, by a 14 year old Vietnamese boy. A VIP payment was made and the round were blown. RESULTS:2 60mm round destroyed.

7. 111630: Marines from CAP 2-4-2 discovered two firing mechanisms cut from M-72s while occupying a day site at BT 136555, 2 km SW of Hoi An. Two males and one female were picked up and delivered to District for questioning. RESULTS: 3 VCS.

8. 1118343H: CAP 2-4-1 spotted and requested artillery on 2 VC at BT 187586, 4 km NE of Hoi An. The fire mission was on target and the CAP observed a direct hit on the enemy position. RESULTS:  Unknown

GROUP 4 Downgraded at 3 year intervals.
Declassified after 12 years.

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9. 112330H: A CAP 2-8-3 ambush was sprung on at least 2 VC at AT 905817, 11 km NW of the Danang Airfield. The VC returned fire with grenades and withdrew. A search found a blood trail leading to we wounded VC who was captured. Further search resulted in the apprehnsionn of 2 suspicious VC males who were delivered to District for interrogation. RESULTS: 1 VC 2 VCS.

10. 120145H: CAP 2-9-1 at AT 888467, 4 km NE of An Hoa, reported the CAP was receiving SA and 60mm mortar fire and that a nearby RF unit was under heavy ground attack. The CAP supported the RF unit by fire throughout the night until the enemy broke contact at approximately 0515H. 19 NVA KIA were credited to the CAP by Duc Duo District Headquarters. RESULTS: 1 USMC WIAE, 2 USMC WIA (M), 19 NVA KIA, and 5 AK 47s captured.

11. 120200H: CAP 2-7-6 at BT 074702 , .5km S of Marble Mountain reported that SAF had been received from approximately 20 or 25 enemy at 0102H. Simultaneously an attack was launched on the PSDF compound at BT 072707. By 0110H the PSDF compound had been overrun and the CAP was receiving fire from that position. Gunships and spooky, requested by the CAP, worked out in the area for approximately 2 hours. At 03115H the Cap observed approximately 5O men draggin bodies to the South. The CAP swept the contact area at first light and reporting results for the contact as follows: 1 PF KIA, 2 PSDF KIA, 3 PSDF MIA, 10 PSDF WIAE, and 14 civilians WIAE, 4 NVA KIA,  KIA, 1 M-14, 2 AK47s, 1 SKS, 1 9mm pisto1, 1 B40 rocket, 6 Chicom grenades, and 1 bangalore torpedo were captured. Weapon losses for the PSDFs were reported ci: 8 M-1 carbines, 3 Thompson Submachine guns, 1 M-1 and 1 M-l6. CREDITED TO CAP:  4 NVA KIA, 5 IWC.

12. 1202210H CAP 2-3-6 received automatic weapons and 60mm mortar fire from an unknown number of enemy at BT 063589, .8 km N of Dien Ban District Headquarters. The CAP returned organic weapons  and 81mm mortar fire causing the enemy fire to decrease significantly. The fire fight continued sporadically for the next 1 1/2 hours. RESULTS: 1 USMC WIAE, 1 USN WIAE, 1 USMC WIA(M).

13.120215H: CAP 2-1-4 received 4 RPG and SAF from an estimated 15 to 20 VC at AT 961697, 4.5 km SW of the Danang Airfield. The CAP returned fire and the enemy withdrew to the SW. Illumination was requested and the area swept finding blood trails and expended AK-47 brass. RESULTS; 1 USMC WIA(M), 1 PF WIAE.

14. 120240H: CAP 2-3-2 directed an 81mm mortar mission with unimown results on 2 VC observed at BT 052593, 1.5 km NW of Dien Ban District Headquarters. RESULTS: negative.

15. 120245H: CAP 2-3-3 received approximately 10 M-79 rounds from an unknown enemy at BT 050584, 1 km W of Dien Ban District Headqarters. The CAP held fire assuming the incoming to be a recon by fire. Enemy fire caused neither damage nor casualties. RESULTS: negative.
caused nuther &~nt&0"Cflor cae\Laltios. rESULTS: Negative.

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16. 12070OH: CAP 2-1-5 discovered and destroyed a booby trap at AT 948659, 6.5 km SE of Hie Duc.  The booby trap consisted of an 81mm illumination canister buried nose down in the ground with an M-26 grenade inserted therein rigged with a pressure firing device. A search of the area found 5 holes assumed to have been prepared for similiar devices.  The holes were along a trail and spaced at 10 meter intervals. RESULTS: 1 booby trap destroyed.

17. 120840H: A PF from CAP 2-3-3 was wounded by a SFD as he attemptee to take down a VC flag at BT 048584, 1 km E of Dien Ban District Headquarters. Shortly thereafter a 105mm fire mission was adjusted on 15 VC who were spotted raising a flag at BT 040575. The area was later swept with negative results. RESULTS: 1 PF WIAW.

18. 120945H: CACO 2-9 reported that Duc Duc District Headquarters at 874476 had received 5 incoming 122mm rockets. RESULTS: Negative.


19. 120015H:  CAP 1-1-6 at BT 245260, 6 km NW of Tam Ky, heard movement near their CP and discovered approximately 1 squad of VC attempting to probe the CP perimeter. The CAP opened fire with SA and claymores, called illumination and swept the area finding 7 VC KIA, 2 AK-47s, and 2
Chicom grenades.  RESULTS;  7 VC KIA, 2 AK-47s, 2 ChiCom grenades.

20. 120230H: An unknown size enemy force initiated simultaneous 60mm mortar and SAF attacks on CAP 1-1-7's CP and a nearby CAP ambush at 303285, 7 km N of Tam Ky. The CAP returned organic weapons fire and swept the area finding 7 VC KIA, 15 ChiCom grenades, 10 B40 rounds, 1 30 caliber machinegun, 1 Russian 7.62mm machinegun and 1 AK47. RESULTS: 7 VC KIA, one .30 cal MF, 1 Russian 7.62mm MG. 1 AK-47, 15% Chicom grenade.

21. 120230H: CAP 1-2-5's compound received SAF and M-79 fire from an unknown size enemy force  located N of the CAP at BT 416123, 10 km NW of the Chu Lai Airfield. The CAP retured organic weapons fire causing the enemy to flee. A search at first light had negative results, although local civilians stated 3 VC were KIA during the contact. RESULTS: Negative.

22. 12O550H: Two patrols were sent from CAP 1-1-6 to check the area of the contact the CAP had during the night (See item #19 above) At BT 248255, 6 km NW of Tam Ky, the patrols found 1 Company of VC in a hamlet. Reaction forces from MTT 1-1 and CACO 1-1 Headquarters were called and joined with the CAP in a sweep of the area. The CAP force received SAF and returned fire
forcing the VC to flee out of the hamlet to the West. Air and artillery were called on the fleeing enemy force and the CAP swept the area with negative results. RESULTS: Negative.

23. 121030H: A Vietnaesee civlian brought 1 claymore mine and 1 smoke grenade to CAP 1-2-4 at
BT 466081, 5 km NW of the Chu Lai Airfield. A VIP payment was made. RESULTS: 1 Claymore and 1 Smoke grenade.


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24. l10930H: 1 NVA Hoi Chanh came to to CAP 1-4-2's position at BS 776858, 18 km NE of Quang Ngai. He stated he was from the 48th NVA Battalion, aand he was sent to Binh Son District Headquarters.  RESULTS: 1 Hoe Chanh.

25. 11211CM:  An ambush from CAP 1-3-4 initiated organic weapons fire on 5 VC spotted moving E at BT 625005,6 km SE of the Chu Lai Airfield. The CAP requested illumination and swept the area with negative results. RESULTS: Negative.

26. 112245H: A CAP 1-3-9 ambush initiated fire on 3-4 VC at BS 481870, 12 km NW of Binh Son District Headquarters. The VC threw 2 grenades and fled N. The CAP pursued and requested illuminatian but was unable to maintain contact. A sweep of the area discovered 1 box mine. 1 USMC and 1 PF received minor wounds in the contact. RESULTS: I USMC WIA, 1 PF WIA(M), and one box mine.

27. 112400H: After receiving 2 incoming mortar rounds, CAP 1-3-4 called an artillery mission on the suspected enenemy position at BS 477870, 13 km SW of Binh Son District Headquarters, with unknown results. RESULTS: Unknown

28. 120045H: An enemy force attacked CAP 1-3-2's CP at BS 556892, 5 km SW of Binh Son District Headquarters, with approximately 35 B40 rocket rounds, 20-30 60mm mortar rounds and heavy SAF. The CAP returned organic weapons fire and forced the enemy to flee S. A sweep of the area found
3 VC KIA, 1 B40 rocket launcher, 3 B40 rockets and 15 ChiCom grenades. RESULTS: 3 VC KIA, 1 B40 rocket launcher, 3 B40 rockets and 15 ChiCom grenades.

29. 12010O: At BS 478871 13 km SE of Binh Son District Headquarters, CAP 1-3-9 received approximately 75-100 SA rounds. The CAP returned fire and swept the area with negative results.  RESULTS: Negative.

30. 120110H: CAP 1-3-5 received 3 incoming grenades and 50-70 SA rounds from an enemy force located at BS 709962, 10 km NE of Binh Son District Headquarters. The CAP returned organic weapons fire and 60mm mortar fire with negative results. RESULTS: Negative.

31. 120125H: CACO 1-4 and Son Tinh District Headquarters, BS 643764, received 12 rounds of 82mm mortar fire and 2 rounds or recoilless rifle fire. 1 PF (NOT CAP) was KIA.  RESULTS: 1 PF (NOT CAP) KIA.

32.120200H: CAP 1-3-3 received approximately 20 SA rounds and 1 grenade from an enemy element located at BS 665972, 6 km NE or Binh Son District Headquarters. The CAP sent out a patrol, but was unable to make contact with the enemy.  RESULTS: Negative.
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33. 120200H: MTT 1-2 received approximately seven or eight 60mm mortar rounds at BS 597921, .5 km N of Binh Son District Headquarters.  The MTT returned 60mm and 50 Caliber fire and swept the area at first light. The MTT found 4 craters believed to be launching sites for 122mm rockets.
The craters indicated a NW firing direction. RESULTS: Negative.

34. 120130H: CAP 1-3-7 was attacked by approximtely 30 VC at BS 613937, 2 km NE of Bing Son District Headquarters. The enemy utilized 60mm mortar fire, satche1 charges and SAF. 1 USMC was WIAE bot DOW. 4 PFs were WIA(M), 1 USN was SIAE, 7 RD Cadre were WIAE. The VC fled to the East and a sweep of the area found 3 VC KIA and 1 wounded Vietnamese female. RESULTS: 1 USMC DOW,  4 PFs WIA(M), 1 USN WIAE, 1 RD WIAE, 7RD WIA(M), 3 VC KIA, 6 ChiCom genades, 1 satchel charge.

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