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Papa 2/4
Phuoc My Hamlet
Quang Tri Province
Vietnam, 1967

Submitted by: Ray Borowski

This was taken sometime around March 7 (according to my letters home), when we were filling sand bags for (probably) CAC Papa HQ. I know it was in or near Cam Lo. The Marine in the center is Maggio. In the left background you see Co Ba. She was one of the dozen or so kids from Cam Lo who brought trays of cookies to sell to us. I still have a copy of a newspaper story printed in the Dayton Daily News about her. That's why I can remember Cam Lo, for sure.

This was taken while on the sand bag detail mentioned above. Cpl. Richard Coulter in the middle... apparently on the back of the truck.

This is one of only two or three pictures the CAC Vets of Papa 2/4 have of Ha Si Nam. On 12May67, as Papa 2/4 came under attack, Ray Borowski (right) came running out of his hooch toward his bunker. Ha Si Nam grabbed Ray by the shirt collar and propelled him into the entrance to the bunker.

As Ray landed, he rolled over just in time to see a blinding flash of light. Ha Si Nam laid down on a satchel charge, absorbing the blast, and saving Ray's life.

In May, 1996, Tim "CAPVet" Duffie returned to Phuoc My and took this picture of Ha Si Nam's brothers.

LCpl. Ray Borowski taking a break

I took these pictures (above) of Co Ba on our 2nd. or 3rd. day there. For the most part she refused to allow us to take pictures.
For reasons unknown, on our last day there she came to me, pointed to my camera, and proceeded to pose for me. (Tim "CAPVet" Duffie, Papa 2/4, '67)

Right: LCpl. Ray Borowski; Left: Cpl. "Bronco" Lane. The other Marine is familiar, but we can't put name to him.

LCpl. Ray Borowski (right) with other familiar faces.

LCpl. Ray Borowski up a tree...for whatever reason!

Booby Traps. Papa 2/4 Communications Bunker In The Background

Cpl. Tim Duffie in his hooch. This would have been early to mid-March, 1967, since the radio equipment was, at the time, set up in his hooch.

Cpl. Tim Duffie on the partially finished radio bunker.

Left: LCpl. Brian S. Newton Right: Cpl. Tim Duffie clowning around on the radio bunker sometime around May/June, 1967.

Cold Water, Dull Razors, Cheap Shaving Cream. Cpl. Tim Duffie shaving.

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