CAP 1-3-5, 23Apr68

Americal ORL
April, 1968

Provided by: Bob Cummings
US Army 5/46th (198th)


What follows is an excerpt (from page 20) from the Americal ORL for April, 1968. I just received a bunch of documents from the Americal, and whatever I find re CAP's I will forward to you. I think I just saw where you signed up someone from 1-3-5.

Headquarters Americal Division
APO San Francisco 96374
AVDF-CG 7 May 1968

SUBJECT: Operational Report for Quarterly Period Ending 30 April 1968. (RCS-CSFOR-65)

On 23 APR 68, CAP 135 vic BS 7197 was attacked by the 95th LF Sapper Co supported by elements of the P-31 LF Co and 48th LF Bn. Reaction by the CAP unit and reinforcements from the Americal Division resulted in 11 VC KIA, 2 C/S and 6 Ind wpns captured. Examination of the KIA revealed that one was a VC Captain. Reports from the villagers in the area revealed that the VC had carried an additional 38 VC KIA away with them, one being a Bn CO.

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