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Submitted by: "Doc" Murse

cap.jpg (50288 bytes)
This is how the entrance to CAP School looked when I went back to Vietnam in 1991. This picture is taken from a video.
tower.jpg (57895 bytes)
This was taken from a video. This a tower at the front of the CAP School. It is on the left side as you face the entrance to CAP School. I took this in 1991.

capschl1.jpg (65373 bytes)
CAP School Sign Entrance to CAP School.
capschl5.jpg (65924 bytes)
CAP School Movie---This is the movie theater at CAP School

caplan1.jpg (72932 bytes)
CAP Language School---This was taken facing the buildings that we used for language school. Since I was a Corpsman, we had to go to regular orientation school for 2 weeks. I later returned for a 4 week course for language school only.
village1.jpg (74859 bytes)
Village by CAP School---This was taken looking through the fence.

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