2nd. CAG

Submitted by: Paul Ledbetter

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Here are some more. Like I told you before, I went to all of the CACo HQ's to repair weapons. There were 6 CAP's (maybe more) where I spent at least a week with them. If memory serves me, (probably not too well) these and the next 3 were from 7th Co. & 2nd Co. But, who knows, 28 years is a long time for someone that can't remember what they had for breakfast.

More coming

Paul Ledbetter

This is CAP 2-7-5. Joe Milano, John Wilkerson, Don Trimble, Leon Hildreth are pictured along with some I can't remember their names. Imagine that!

John Wilkerson

Unknown #2

Unknown #2 is actually CAP 2-7-4. This picture was taken some time in the spring of 1971, if I remember correctly. I am the 5th from the left in the back row. My name is Jack Driggers and standing to my right, your left as you are looking at the picture, is Channing Prothro. We both are on the CAP roster.

Sorry I don't even remember all of the men's names in the picture, much less the picture taker. However, Ledbetter's face is familiar.

Semper Fi,

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Unknown #3

I'm reasonably certain that "Unknown #3" shows CAP 2-7-2, not long after I rotated home. Here are the IDs I'm reasonably sure of:

  • Back Row, L-R: Unknown, Casey "Country" Roach, Rialto, CA; Unknown; Willie Nathan Fulfer, Weatherford, TX; Glenn Trimble, Arp, TX; Unknown
  • Front row, L-R: Unknown; Unknown; Dennis "Huck" Prock, Independence, Mo; Unknown (behind Huck); R.J. Carrier; Unknown; Steve "Frenchy" Pelletiere, Englewood, NJ (leaning with hands on knees); Steve Maynor, IL.
  • Since Paul Hernandex and Bob "Doc" Hipple are not pictured in Unknown #3, this photo was probably taken after he was wounded in Jan 18, 1971. But Willie Fulfer was wounded at the same time as Paul and Doc, and he's shown in this photo. Another puzzle.

Roch Thornton

"...Jim Wallace is standing on the far right side. I served with 2-7-2 while Jim was there. Jim retired as a Major in the USMC.

Luis "Marty" Martinez<

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