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Submitted by: Gary Smith

Picture 3 is of Cpl David Nielson who had just completed a bridge for the farmers of a small community of Kim Lin. David was an extrodinary Marine in that he had great feeling and compassion for the Vietnamese people. I dont know if David made it through the TET offensive of Feb 1968.
Echo 2 On Patrol
The last picture is of a Marine AKA as Pineapple (Ronald Schaedel). I am told that Ronald is a Career Marine, and by now should be Sgt Major, or retired.

The Marines of Echo 2 who are still around wonder what happend Echo 2. I recieved word from Col W.R. Corson on 26 Sept 1998. His message to me: "I'll never forget the CAP brotherhood. Everything I ask of you young men you did without question"

He called us CORSONS KIDS. I think he is a great man.

In the past few messages I have seen reference to Dog Handlers. Does anyone Know Andre Williams Dog handler who was WIA on patrol in Nov of 1966, or Sgt George Reed who was NCOIC of Handlers. Let me Know

Gary Smith
Former S/Sgt USMC

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